Ben Kremer
Freelance Full Stack Developer
Berlin, Germany

About Me

I am a Freelance Full Stack Developer with a lean towards backend development and over two years experience in developing websites and web apps, with a particular focus on React/Redux/Node.js architecture.

My MSc thesis focused on building the foundation for a proof-of-stake blockchain to register and quantify collaborative work.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on my open-source projects, playing saxophone & guitar, reading philosophy, and falling into Wikipedia clickholes on topics ranging from sane to absurd.


  • 2+ years HTML + CSS/SASS/LESS
  • 2+ years Bootstrap
  • 2+ years JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7) / jQuery
  • 2+ years Node.js
  • 2+ years Express.js
  • 2+ years MongoDB
  • 2+ years SQL/MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server
  • 1+ year Go (Golang)
  • 1+ year React + Redux (recently: React Native)
  • 1+ year TDD (Mocha + Chai) & BDD (Jest)
  • 1+ year Gulp/Grunt/Webpack
  • 1+ year Java
  • 1+ year Bash scripting
  • Recently: Solidity, D3.js